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   Let us help your dog.

The MuttKnee Brace is a custom made, comfortable, neoprene brace designed to support and stabilize a canine knee after injury such as a torn or ripped cruciate ligament (ACL) or other knee injuries.  It is for those dogs where surgery is not a feasible option for their healing process due to excessive costs or the age and health of the dog.


We make the MuttKnee Brace as a custom fitted brace that is designed and individually sewn from the seven measurements provided on our measurement page specifically for your dog. 


The MuttKnee Brace is adjustable in 5 different areas to personalize the most comfortable fit for your dog.  The neoprene thickness is determined by the dogs’ size and weight so that the knee is supported but usable for the dog without too much constraint when getting up or lying down. 


A single MuttKnee brace is $229.00 (USD) and includes domestic shipping and handling. A double MuttKnee Brace is $299.00 (USD) and also includes domestic shipping and handling.



It is easy to put on your dog - just slide your dogs' leg into the brace adjusting the velcro at the top and bottom, latch the buckle to connect the two sides, and latch the brace onto the harness.  It's quick and easy for the dog and human.


The MuttKnee Brace is used in conjunction with a harness that has a attachment ring on top of the dog's back or neck. 

We provide a FREE harness with each Muttknee Brace purchase.

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We are a family of rescue dog owners and not veterinarians but veterinarians all over the country now recommend our MuttKnee Brace as a viable alternative to surgery.


The MuttKnee Brace is  intended to help and improve the quality of life for dogs that have injured their knees and surgery is not a feasible option. Our dog knee brace is also effective for containing the dog's knee with a luxating patella. 


The MuttKnee Brace is a supportive brace that stabilizes your dog's injured knee and helps to reduce the pain associated with the unstable knee joint and allows your dog to walk on all four legs again.   Some dogs injure one knee and then injure the other knee as a result of unequal distribution of their weight.  We are also able to make a double brace for dogs with both of their knees either weak or injured and in need of support.

Our goal is to help dogs - one knee at a time- by making an affordable, supportive and comfortable dog knee brace.
For each MuttKnee Brace purchased, $5 is donated to animal rescue organizations, both on a local and national level. 

Our Dear Muttley that started it all